Perfumes for the home


The best fragrances for the home

The scented candle is generally intended to create an atmosphere in a home. It creates a warm atmosphere, and makes us feel comfortable in a place. They decorate each of your rooms, your tables and your furniture. 

Although tastes and colors are not discussed, we will advise you on the fragrances best suited to the rooms of your home. Our perfumes are created by us in collaboration with the best perfumers in Grasse. They do not contain any essential oil and therefore do not represent any danger. 

Our scented candles for your rooms 


Your bedroom should be synonymous with comfort and relaxation. This is the room where you have to leave all your problems outside. The watchword is to rest: read, listen to music, learn about the latest news podcasts, or spend time on Tik Tok. 

In order for this atmosphere to be respected, it must not be in confrontation with perfumes with a strong personality and poignant. We advise you to go with families of perfumes such as woody, or powdery. Which are often not heady perfumes and which are associated with calm

Our candle at the   Cotton flower totally finds himself in this atmosphere. The smell of clean sheets, and the very smell of the tenderness one needs when one returns to one's cocoon. 

To considerably reduce stress, the virtues of Orange Blossom are widely known to reduce stress. Our Orange Blossom candle, with its delicate and floral notes that smell of the Mediterranean, the Azur candle awakens all your senses and brings them the benefits of the white flowers of fruit trees.

Finally, in the same direction Jasmine flower is subtle and fresh enough to fill your room with a sweet fragrance. This will help you soothe yourself and fall asleep in a snap.


The living room is also considered a relaxation room (after a hard day's work) but it can also, and above all, be a place to share with family or friends. That's why a candle is always welcome to warm your room with a delicious smell that will receive your bursts of laughter, and your stories told. 

It is then here that our candle Wood of Oud will be your best friend. Woody notes that bring this warm side to your room, everyone will feel good there, like at home. Simultaneously very intense and very soft, comforting and robust, Oud wood, the most precious and expensive in a perfumer's arsenal, offers a whole program for your cozy or more festive evenings.

This perfume, with its feeling of embrace, will also be perfectly located in your entrance hall because the warmth of the woody notes and the tenderness of the musky notes create a welcoming climate for all guests.


Speaking of entry, we can perfectly place flowery notes. For this we have our candle Palo Santo and Rose. The result is unique: a reassuring and vibrant atmosphere through a flowery, resinous and spicy combination Palo Santo is renowned for purifying energies, it invites positivity and wards off stress and anxiety for a serene daily life. 


What better way to decorate your table and soften the light than a candle? It adds this sophisticated and work side to any decoration. Our scented candles contain no trace of toxicity. They are 100% natural and vegan, so they will not alter the quality of the air you breathe. 

We have created for you the smell of freshness for a perfect appetizer. This is our candle Mint Basil. Notes of mint and basil, lemony and fresh touch... It's simple, if this candle was a cocktail, it would be a mojito! It will then accompany all your dishes and all your dialogues during your dinners. 


Before receiving your guests, you must prepare all these delicious dishes. You would say to me “What about lingering and intrusive cooking smells?” To eliminate these odors the most recommended are fragrances with woody and warm notes. Wood of Oud and Palo Santo are the most suitable to counter all these scents that can be disturbing. Our candles will leave no clues about the dish concocted by you to your guests, they camouflage absolutely everything. 


Run your bath, prepare your best care. Tonight is cocooning night. And to accompany this little well-being routine, nothing better than a candle with fresh notes that smell clean. Then opt for the Mint Basil, Orange Blossom or even the   Cotton flower

On your masks, get set, go! 


This room is also your place of work, revision, creation, and so on. You are there to think, brainstorm, write and organize yourself. Nothing should disturb you and distract you. If you are very stressed, then we would advise you to light a candle at the Orange Blossom or to Palo Santo which have soothing and de-stressing properties. However you can also opt for our candle Nazar Bazaar which has the power to create a warm, spicy atmosphere. A raw smell that brings together almost all the existing raw materials: wood, flowers, dried fruits or even leather. All these different origins harmonized by incense. A marvelous context to enliven your senses and give your all to your work.

What do you think of this article? And you, what smells do you choose in your rooms? Do you attach importance to it? 

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