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A temporal and olfactory journey in this collection inspired by the Silk Road which takes you nearly two thousand years back to the era of itinerant merchants and the first trade routes. 

Blue Candle


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We are honored to be recommended by thousand and one lists

thousand and one lists, THE wedding list to give you everything you've always dreamed of (Galeries Lafayette, BHV Marais, Voyageurs du Monde, etc.) or retrieve your list from your bank account.

A personalized scented candle from Maison Shiiba will surely suit all your events. It is an original and personalized gift for : 

  • a little attention
  • a pregnancy announcement
  • a gender reveal
  • Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day...
  • a gift for a birthday,
  • to convey an intimate or secret message,
  • an original Christmas gift
  • during a romantic dinner for two.

At Maison Shiiba, you will find the perfect scented candle for a cocooning moment at home, on rainy and cold evenings in winter. It is also a great idea to liven up a romantic dinner or a summer evening by candlelight...

How not to succumb to the charm of a soft and warm interior!

These are perfect scented candles for events such as weddings, baptisms or religious holidays such as Shabbat. Offering an original and personalized gift when you are short of ideas now becomes child's play! We sublimate the art of giving, but also of indulging yourself to offer yourself a bubble of well-being, a moment of relaxation just for yourself.

Scented candle with secret & personalized message

Our scented candles, are handcrafted in France with vegan wax and perfumes from Grasse. They allow you to sublimate your interior decoration, to create a pleasant and magical atmosphere by forever associating a scent with a particular moment. Indeed, our fragrances play an important role in your mood, and they can influence the way we feel. Just choose the product that suits you, strike a match and enjoy the atmosphere of your dreams.

By selecting your personalized scented candle, you can add the option of a mantra message that will allow you to live your day in a positive way. You can also choose our candle at secret message personalized that you create according to your inspiration to convey sweet words, an announcement or a humorous message.

Find our selection of scented message candles

Make your space a haven of well-being and serenity with the full range of original products made by Maison Shiiba. Unwind after a long day by creating a soft glow while immersing your surroundings in a rich, luxurious scent with our golden pot products. You will enjoy French elegance.

Choose your favorite scent and turn it on to enjoy its fragrance and the atmosphere it will generate. Turn this simple gesture into a ritual and enjoy this moment of intimacy at home. Your candle with message will spread its scent quickly and intensely in the room after a few minutes after lighting it. Thanks to their formula based on quality vegetable wax, their wick in 100% cotton, our message candles continue to diffuse their fragrance even when turned off.

Opt for warm lighting in your home

Light up your interior with the light and warmth of scented candles for a unique and pleasant atmosphere… Our original scented candles with delicate fragrances will also diffuse a subtle scent in your interior.

The personalized vegan scented candles are also a chic decorative object thanks to their golden pot which adapts to all interiors. All year round, whether in summer or winter, a Maison Shiiba creation will always have its place in your home. Our candle, lit or extinguished, is an object decorating your living room, your bedroom or your bathroom.

Developed in collaboration with the greatest perfume professionals, our scented candles offer you a real circuit through the senses. From floral scents to woody fragrances, our candles made in France release your emotions.

The Shiiba scented candle is more than a simple scented candle, discover the secrets of our collection of unique products created with our care.

✓ Made in Cannes: At Maison Shiiba, a personalized secret message candle is made with love in our workshop.

✓ Quality of the components: Unique fragrances, diffused in an optimal way by our vegetable wax candles.

✓ Traditional know-how: All our Products are created by hand

Choosing the right eco-responsible scented candle at Maison Shiiba

Consuming better, local and organic, is not a label adopted exclusively in our habits. At this time, it is now possible to adopt a more ecological and responsible for the environment purchasing habit in different areas: organic cotton clothes, organic sheets or even in decoration. interior of your house !

By merging fragrance and light, scented candles take a turn to be more natural while bringing a touch of subtle softness and fragrance to your interiors. But how do you choose the right natural scented candles ?