Make your scented candle:

Do you want to share a timeless moment on the French Riviera? Enter the world of Maison Shiiba and make your scented candle.

Discover the secrets of candle making at Maison Shiiba. Learn how to make your own candles with our natural wax and a cotton wick while choosing your favorite scents.

Leave with 1 scented candle of 160g, personalized with the engraving of your choice.

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Note that reservations are final, tickets cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded to ensure optimal organization.

How the candle workshop works:

Discover our perfume library: floral, sweet, woody, marine, fruity, spicy, oriental, etc. With around fifty fragrances, there is something for everyone! Find the perfect combo that matches your desires during the candle workshop.

Create your team and join us!

Our workshops candles are perfect for special events! Organize a memorable birthday, an unforgettable hen party or a creative family outing. We will personalize the experience to meet your needs, creating sparkling memories you will always cherish.

Get a group of 4 to 8 people together. We welcome young and old (from 5 years old)!

For special requests or more information, contact us by email: or telephone: 04 93 68 23 60

Price and duration of the candle workshop:

Candle Workshop FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a candle, gather essential ingredients: wax quality, whether rapeseed or soy wax, a wick in cotton and bran support metal to keep the flame stable. Add a personal touch with quality perfumes, colorings, then pour everything into a container adapted.

Discover our choice of vegetable wax at Maison Shiiba, made from soya and rapeseed. This natural and ecological wax offers optimal melting, extending the life of your candles. It combines the advantages of beeswax and paraffin wax without their disadvantages. Opt for our DIY kit or join our workshop in Cannes to create your own candles. Rapeseed and soy wax is odorless and white, preserving Grasse fragrances and dyes. Easy to clean, it guarantees long-lasting and aesthetic candles.

Create non-toxic candles by following our simple, eco-friendly tips. Opt for vegetable waxes such as soy or rapeseed, avoid synthetic perfumes and favor natural essential oils for a pleasant and healthy scent. Use pure cotton wicks and natural dyes to avoid harmful emissions. Our complete guide helps you make candles that respect the environment and your health.

The wax maker, also known as the candle maker, is the magician of wax!

Ready to dive into the luminous world of candlesticks? Join us for an exciting day in our candle making workshop! Become the master of flames, sculpt wax with creativity and learn the secrets of the ancestral art of candlemaking. It's more than just an experience, it's a sparkling adventure that will transform you into a shiner for a day.

Join us and let your creativity shine at the candle workshop in our workshop in Cannes.

Don't forget the essential tools such as a thermometer, beaker and one of clothespins to ensure a perfectly straight wick while the wax cools.

You want to make your candle directly at home, then our Candle Making Kit is for you. 
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Vous avez déjà le matériel et souhaitez simplement un guide : cliquez ici !