How to make a homemade candle?


How to make a homemade candle?

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You are not unaware that we have experienced a global health crisis which has been followed by (many) lockdowns. These confinements allowed us to find ourselves at home. Manual activities were our only escape from spending our time on ever more anxiety-provoking social networks. The DIY homemade candle has been a good entertaining option.

We have (re)learned to like to entertain ourselves differently. Our creativity needed it. From now on, these habits that we have taken during these confinements are well established. 

And at Maison Shiiba, we understand that. We now offer you the opportunity to create your own homemade vegan candles and natural 100%. Just like in a real wax workshop. A turnkey solution to satisfy your creativity and spend pleasant moments with friends, family or alone. 

We therefore provide you with a accessory kit for making homemade scented candles. This kit contains eco-friendly cotton candle wicks, lead and zinc free, safe and non-toxic, fully burning and odorless. 

To make it easier, we also provide you with a pin for easy fixing of the wick in the pot. With this kit, you can make 2 candles of 90 grams with 100% vegan & natural wax.

Each kit has two scents; a scent of our signature collection and a more greedy scent. Quality homemade candles! 

Here are the 2 scent options: 
  • Oud wood and praline 
  • Orange Blossom and Gingerbread

Perfumes from Grasse that we could describe to you for hours here. But we reserve you articles specially dedicated to the different fragrances. (Be patient, they are coming very soon). 

Here are the different steps to follow in order to make your own homemade scented candle: 

Steps :

1 – Heat the wax in a saucepan or in a bain-marie. On medium heat, the wax should reach approximately 70°C. Do not leave the wax unattended as it may cook and become unusable.

2 – During this time, prepare your candle jar provided in the kit. But you can use any other container you like. Place it on a flat surface. 

3 – Place the wick in the center of the pot and stick it using the pad included in the DIY kit

4 – Once the wax is melted and at the right temperature, incorporate the perfume up to 10% (or even 12%) into the wax. For instance 10% of 90 grams is equivalent to 9 grams of perfumes. If you want to go further in creativity, you are free to add ingredients such as: pigments to color the wax to your liking. 

 5 – Pour the scented wax into the pot designed for this purpose, being careful not to touch the end of the cotton wick. 

6 – And finally, so that the wick remains well in the center of the wax and very straight, fixed there with the help of clothes pegs. When the wax is completely dry, cut off the excess wick so as to leave only 0.5 to 1 cm centimeters sticking out.

There you go, your homemade scented candle is finally finished, you can be proud and brag about your talents to your loved ones!

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