Scented candle Personalized : AN ORIGINAL IDEA FOR WEDDING GIFTS 


Our candles are: Vegan, Cruelty free, hand poured, Made in France

Discover our customizable scented candle made in France with a personalized message to create a cocooning atmosphere in your home!

What better than to offer or afford a scented candle to add a touch of perfume to your home or your loved ones?

A gentle flame that brings light to a room and a message that lights up a heart. Our scented candles transport you to destinations around the world while staying at home.

Iconic object, our golden scented candles are timeless and are real decorative objects. Its gilding will find its place in all interiors.

Also discover Our scented capsules and our accessories.


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Best Sellers

Personalized scented candles

Maison SHIIBA carries the deep values embodied in handmade and craftsmanship. This is why our personalized scented candles are both natural, handmade and unique.

Our house places the authenticity and tradition of the profession at the heart of its values, to offer you the best of olfactory journeys. We aspire to bring you conviviality, calm and serenity, thanks to scented candles quality, made with a lot of love and attention. We passionately create your scents and atmospheres!

Indeed, we assemble the most beautiful fragrances, while providing each candle his own identity. In addition, our creators promise you to live a pleasant olfactory experience and reserve you a personalized gift, to discover after the consumption of your personalized scented candle.

On the other hand, we are strongly committed to environmental ethics. In this sense, we design attractive pots destined for a second life. According to your desires, you can reuse them and transform them into original decorative objects. We also offer you mint seeds to grow whenever you want! Do you want to experience a moment of escape and exceptional relaxation? Do you want to offer a tailor-made gift ?

The House SHIIBA offers a whole range of homemade candles each as breathtaking as the other. So, discover their exhilarating scents as well as the surprises they contain!

Secret of Cire: our scented candles surprise you!

Thanks to its delicate fragrance, our candle homemade scented candle will transport you out of time, offering you a pure moment of well-being and happiness. Moreover, each candle is unique, tells its own story and has a personal touch. Indeed, our creators have taken care to slip in a personalized object for you which will begin to reveal itself little by little.

In short, our candles speak to you intimately and each contain a nice surprise that was specially addressed to you. After being consumed, the candle reveals its secret. This one can only surprise and amaze you. All you have to do is finely clean the mystery object to discover its beauty.

Thus, you can use your pretty gift, according to your tastes, as a pendant, talisman, lucky charm, gri-gri or even key ring... So, if you like mysteries and fetishes of all kinds, our Secret de Cires will have charm you. To benefit from your secret, order your personalized candle online!

A handmade and vegan personalized scented candle:

The Maison SHIIBA candle is a natural candle, non-toxic and made from the 100% vegetable wax. We take care to make you candles ecological: no chemicals or mass production! We do not design candles with essential oils.

So you can enjoy a candle of high quality and a harmonious and pure diffusion of scents. On the other hand, each order is unique and is treated with the greatest attention.

Indeed, our natural handmade candles are handmade in our workshop in the Paris region. We design them ourselves, in total respect of the traditions of the profession. The same goes for our handmade secrets which are made, delicately, by our creators and carry a unique and personalized message.

In addition, we select perfumes designed by the best traditional creators of fragrances in Grasse. So, if you want to order an elegant handmade and natural candle, it's at the Maison Shiiba that you will find it!

A personalized gift idea:

Looking for an original and tailor-made gift? Our scented candle will make you happy! Indeed, we suggest that you accompany your candle with a personalized message. and laser engraved on a brass plate. In addition, your gift will be labeled with the name of the house. You just have to mention your text and we take care of the rest…

To further customize your gift candle, you can add a cute heart symbol or a pretty gold key ring and even opt for a chic Furoshiki-style fabric gift wrap!

Fragrances for all tastes!

Our homemade candle invites you to travel between different universes and atmospheres, thanks to diversified and equally refined scents. From the delicacy of jasmine to the elegance of orange blossom, our fragrances awaken your senses and your imagination!

To vary the pleasures and sensations, we invite you to discover all our delicate and delicious perfumes:

  • Fig fragrance
  • Orange Blossom perfume
  • Cotton Flower perfume
  • Mint Basil fragrance
  • Oud wood perfume
  • Jasmine perfume
  • Musk perfume
  • Monoi perfume
  • Tobacco Leaf Perfume “Santiago”
  • Lemon Meringue flavor

In addition, we offer you candle accessories for optimal use.

Personalized scented candle with fast delivery:

With the Maison Shiiba, delivery is offered at a relay point with Mondial Relais, throughout the France metropolitan. In addition, your order will reach you quickly and as soon as possible.

You want a scented candle natural, unique, personalized with subtle scents and aromas? Discover our exclusive creations, our Wax Secrets and all the craftsmanship of the Maison Shiiba Paris workshop!