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The Magic of Scents with our Personalized Scented Candles for an Unforgettable Sensory Experience


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Natural, Authentic and Unique Personalized Scented Candles.


Nature's Olfactory Journey to your Home

Immerse yourself in an enchanting world where the scents of nature mingle harmoniously to create a captivating atmosphere. Maison Shiiba, guardian of craft traditions, invites you to discover its scented candles of exceptional quality.

Each of our candles are engraved one by one in our workshop, we take care of the messages that are passed and we have an important role of messenger. 

We attach paramount importance to the quality and purity of our candles. Each candle is handcrafted with care, using natural ingredients without any chemical additives. So you can enjoy every moment without worrying about harmful substances. Our candles are a true ode to nature, uniting pure and delicate fragrances, to offer you a unique olfactory experience.


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The Art of Creating Scented Candles with Exciting Atmospheres


The Emotion of the Scents that Rekindle your Memories

Imagine a candle that captures the very essence of your most cherished memories. Maison Shiiba, master of fragrances, brings your emotions to life through candles with unique identities.

We strive to create the most beautiful fragrances, drawing from the treasures of nature and assembling them with love. Each of our candles tells a story, evokes sensations and transports your mind to distant horizons. Let yourself be enchanted by the sweetness of a summer evening, the comforting warmth of a crackling fireplace or the refined elegance of a bouquet of freshly cut flowers.

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Ethical and Creative Personalized Scented Candles

Give a Second Life to your Candles

At Maison Shiiba, we are committed to environmental ethics. Our scented candles are presented in beautiful golden pots that are just waiting to be reused and transformed into unique decorative objects.

Let your imagination run wild and give our pretty pots a second life. Turn them into artistic pencil holders, caches for your precious treasures or pots to welcome the beauty of a green plant. Each pot becomes a centerpiece of your interior decoration, testifying to your sense of aesthetics and your commitment to preserving the environment.

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