What gift to offer to the guests of a wedding or a baptism?


Gift idea for your guests

During big parties to celebrate a wedding, a baptism, a birthday or other, we have trouble finding a way to thank the guests who were present on this special day. Jordan almonds ? Chocolates ? Corks? Seen and reviewed!! 

Do you want to differentiate yourself from others? Make a sensation with your guests and make them happy by leaving them a memory of this magical moment of sharing. Maison Shiiba has the perfect gift for your guests! 

Of the mini scented candles and PERSONALIZED ! Our smallest candle size but of equally great quality. A 100% vegetable wax based on Rapeseed and Soy wax, a cotton wick and a powerful fragrance created in close collaboration with perfumers from Grasse.

These mini candles are also made from A to Z by the hands of our craftsmen in our Cannes workshop, the Made in France is certified there.

Small, but powerful! Indeed, our mini candles are mini only by their name because they have a combustion which reaches 4 hours of perfumes. Because our wick is carefully chosen to optimize each milliliter of scented wax. 

You can personalize our mini candles without limit of creativity, from simple text to the most original designs. These will be engraved on the lid of the mini candle, perfect for your guest gift.

  • The date of your event 
  • Your first name / Your first names
  • The first names of the guests to serve as seating plans 
  • A “Thank you” 
  • An illustration in the theme of your event (flower, flame, sea, etc.) 
  • A cake

As you will have understood, there are a multitude or even an infinity of possibilities.

The same goes for the selection of perfumes. We offer you the fragrances of our large golden candles, and more: 

Here is the list :

  • Wood of Oud
  •   Cotton flower
  • Orange Blossom 
  • Mint Basil
  • Palo Santo Rose
  • Herbal Trip
  • Nazar Bazaar
  • Monoï 
  • Vanilla 
  • Fig
  • Jasmine 
  • Musk
  • Arabian Gypsy
  • Elixir of Love 

If you don't know which one to turn to, you can order a sample of all our perfumes in capsules in order to better project yourself, it's just here.

In terms of process, this one is simple. Once you are on the perfume(s) you want and the choice of customization is without question. Then you place an order on our site, at this location: personalized mini candles.

As indicated on the product page, if your order goes beyond 250 pieces then send us a short email to the following address: dirty@maisonshiiba.fr

The order will then fall directly into our hands, and before starting the overall production of your order, we send via What's App the simulation of the visual of your mini candle for validation. It is only once we have a definitive answer from you that we start engraving your personalized candles. 

So what do you think of this idea? What are you going to offer at your big events now?

If you have chosen us, do not hesitate to share your tables decorated with your personalized and scented mini candles on our account instagram or by mail. 

See you next friends! 

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