Scented candle Personalized : AN ORIGINAL IDEA FOR WEDDING GIFTS 

Mini Wedding Favor Candle: The Holiday Trend

Giving a wedding gift candle is an excellent choice for any wedding theme. Certainly, a gift or candle wedding favor is one of the best ways to say thank you to family and friends! It's a great idea to express your gratitude to those who made your day even more special!

Thus, a wedding gift candle uniquely reflects your nuptials and won't end up being thrown away after the reception.

So, start your planning and make candle wedding favors high on your list.

Think about it! Candles can easily be personalized. On the other hand, they have a perfect size so that your loved ones can grab them on the way out. And even better, they smell good. This means that they will certainly be used after your marriage.

Among other things, with boxes and pretty packaging, something as simple and standard as a candle can be personalized to complement your wedding style. That's why there's a matching candle for that.

Are you planning eco-friendly weddings? Yes, in that case, you guessed it! There's even a candle for that. Indeed, these perfectly sized votives will help friends and family reflect fondly on your delightful wedding day. By the way, they are a great way to say thank you in a meaningful way.

A wedding gift candle for your guests: a personalized souvenir

The wedding season is approaching and yours is fast approaching!
In this regard, Maison Shiiba offers you scented candles Vegan with a secret message personalized.
There you have it, an O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L guest gift!
Besides, we can engrave your logo of marriage on the lid of the candle. It will be an original idea and a memory unforgettable.

Prices of our personalized scented candles

Small Candle 90 g from €14.4 incl.
Medium Candle 190 g from €25 incl. tax

*Minimum order quantity 25 pcs,

for the scented capsules with logo No minimum order

For personalized Capsule Candles, click here.

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