What is the best candle wax?


What is the best candle wax?

Hello everyone, today we meet to talk about one of the main components of the candle. This is (as you saw in the title) wax!

Indeed, there are several types and we will present them to you in this article. Then we will finish this one by telling you about the wax that we use at Maison Shiiba, which for us is the best version. 


Let's start with beeswax. It is the most widely used animal wax, in cosmetic care and also in the making of candles. Historically this wax was only used by the bourgeoisie, the nobles of the court. Beeswax has no smell. So it does not impact the scent of your candle.

However if you are looking for a white wax this one is not for you. Indeed, this one has a yellowish aspect, to mix a dye there and all the more complicated. Its price remains relatively high. Moreover, in a world increasingly affected by ethical and environmental issues, it is not the best choice either because it remains the exploitation of animals. 

Paraffin Wax

It is the most widely used wax on the candle market today. Indeed, many major brands use it in their manufacturing process. Certainly, we can grant it certain advantages such as its whiteness, its odorless side. Moreover she is heat resistant, it does not melt during shipments, even in the hottest countries.

But even with its arguments, it remains the most controversial wax. Resulting from petroleum residues, this produces soot on the edges of your pots, making it black. And, as you can imagine, what spills over the edges of your pot and also into your room. It is therefore dangerous for the environment. It is also for health because it releases toxins. Finally, it is not renewable. As much to tell you that she is not your best friend. 

little tip to find out if your candles are made mostly of paraffin: 

  • Before the first ignition: shake your candle, if you hear that it moves in the pot then it is a paraffin or mixed wax.
  • Flip the jar of your candle, if the wax detaches from the jar and falls into your hands, have no doubts, your candle is made up mostly of paraffin.

Vegetable wax, our choice. 

You should know that vegetable wax can be made from different ingredients of natural origin: soy, rapeseed, coconut. At Maison Shiiba we will tell you about the one we use because it is the one we know best.

We have chosen to work with a wax composed of soy wax and rapeseed wax. Even if it may seem logical, I prefer to remind you that the wax is therefore natural 100% and that is why we have favored it. Because it combines the advantages of beeswax and paraffin wax without having their defects. The melting of vegetable wax is optimal, the life of a candle with this wax is longer which makes your candle durable and economical.

It leaves very little residue at the bottom of the pot. It is the easiest to work with and the purest, which is why we were able to offer you the DIY kit. But you also have the possibility of coming to our workshop in Cannes to follow a candle manufacturing activity. 

Concerning the aesthetics of the candle: vegetable rapeseed and soy wax is odorless and white, it in no way alters the wonderful flavors of Grasse, or even the dyes if you want to make a colored candle. 

Another advantage of vegetable wax is that it cleans up very easily. But that's another subject and we'll let you discover our tips for clean your candle jar right here. 

If you have any other questions about the composition of the wax, do not hesitate to write to us by email (thais@maisonshiiba.fr) or on instagram. We are always happy to chat with you 

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