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The gifts to offer for wedding anniversaries?

Love is celebrated every day, and each of them is a celebration. But some days remain more significant than others, such as the wedding. The day you chose to say “yes” to yourself. The anniversary of this marvelous union is celebrated every year, for some every month. Today we are going to tell you about the wedding anniversary and the favorite wedding anniversary gift.

Each year has a name, a specific theme, which ultimately makes finding gifts that much more complicated than normal. 

We are going to help you today by giving you a list of ideal and original gifts for wedding anniversaries at Maison Shiiba. 

Of course, not all years of marriage correspond (yet) to a Maison Shiiba product. But here's a nudge from us for the few years we'll be covering for your viewing pleasure.

The first year of marriage. 

One year already that one of the most beautiful days of your life has arrived. A year ago you were partying all night with the people closest to your heart. These weddings are called Cotton Wedding. What anniversary gift to offer for this first year of marriage?

She represents the sweetness, and the appeasement of having finally found her other half. For this first wedding anniversary, it is easy to find a gift: clothing, flower, household linen, an accessory. At Maison Shiiba, we offer you another option, which will take you out of the ordinary. An original gift for Coton's wedding: our Cotton Flower scented candle. But be careful, not a simple candle, because you have the possibility of personalizing it as you wish. We engrave on the golden pot of the candle everything you want: a date, a drawing, a text, the song of your first dance, etc. 

Be creative! In addition, being an engraving and not a label, the personalization is therefore indelible and when the candle is finished and cleaned. The pot can be reused for many other things. (Why not then plant cotton flower seeds there 😁 ).

Four years of marriage: the wax wedding

How can you be a brand of scented candle without mentioning Les Noces de Cire? The fourth wedding anniversary. Is it necessary to guide you and tell you what to offer him? We're going to do it anyway, because we love to talk.

The candle of course! Obviously we strongly recommend the Maison Shiiba candles. Designed and cast by hand in our workshop in Cannes and with divine fragrances that come straight from our friends in Grasse. A candle with ethical and emotional values. Because I remind you Maison Shiiba was created by a couple of entrepreneurs. So do not doubt it, love speaks to them a lot. Your gift will be made with great care.

We let you choose from our large selection of candles. For the small surprise effect you can choose the option of the secret amulet which is Maison Shiiba's wax secret. On this amulet you can engrave your sweetest words so that he/she can take them everywhere. Accompany the candle with a romantic dinner and voila! Enjoy your evening. 

Since we particularly believe in your love, let's jump back in time for a few years filled with happiness.

So we have arrived at the 46th year of marriage, Lavender's wedding.

Even after years you are faithful to the appointment of birthdays and you do not forget any. Indeed you are grateful for every minute spent with the loved one. For these 46 years of marriage, lavender is in the spotlight. A bunch of lavender? He will die in a week...

So we offer you the same pleasant and soothing smell of lavender but within a scented candle, glass, this time. In this candle with the softness of the lavender flower you can slip a golden brass plate on which you can engrave words of love. You just have to wait 1 hour of combustion to be able to recover this amulet and transform it into a key ring. A 2 in 1 gift, because when you love for so long you don't count. 

We hope this article has helped more than one. We hope that the list helped you find the gift for your wedding anniversary. Do not hesitate to give us a feedback and leave us a fair opinion here if you have tried the Maison Shiiba experience ✨

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