How to optimize the use of your candle?


How to optimize the use of your candle?

Hello everyone, we find ourselves today in a concept that we were eager to create and share with you.

We wanted to create a real meeting with our customers, to whom we owe a lot. In this blog you will find advice and information on candles, but also interviews with the founders, as well as routines that revolve around well-being. We also want to inspire motivation through our articles and push you to give the best of yourself.

Starting this blog with an article that talks about the optimal use of the candle seems logical to us.

When you buy a candle you don't necessarily realize that there are tricks to make it last over time. We have in our minds the idea that a candle is lit when we want, where we want and that we can put it out anytime and anyhow. However operating this way will only tire the wax and the wick of your candle, you will then think that it is of poor quality but the cause is not there. You just need to know how to take care of this beautiful piece to appreciate it at its true value. 

So without further ado, we leave you our best advice here: 

Good reading ….


During each use, it is recommended that you melt the entire top layer of the candle with each use. In order to create, what is called, “the swimming pool”. This will promote even combustion. To obtain this result, you just need to wait about 1 to 2 hours. Then you can turn it off and the scent will continue to spread through your home. 


Store your candle in a dry, temperate place: between 15 and 25°C. 

Protect the surface on which your candle is placed, for this use the lid as a podium.



  • The candle doesn't take kindly to being blown out. To turn it off it is more suitable to use a extinguisher. It is also not recommended to cover the candle with its lid to smother the flame. To preserve the power of the scents of the candle, the lid comes to cover it once it has cooled and solidified. 


  • Before lighting your candle again, it is imperative to check the wick. In fact, it must be cut off regularly with an ideal length of 0.5cm. Also, the wick should always be straight and centered. If necessary, refocus the wick when the wax is still melted, this will facilitate the homogeneous melting of the wax, for a longer consumption. 


  • Like you, the candle does not like drafts, it weakens it. The wick would consume unevenly and will run out faster 

If you follow these little tips as well as possible, then you should have a healthy candle. This can be seen through: 

  • A flame that does not waver and remains almost motionless.
  • A wax that decreases evenly, so without craters. It is as smooth as possible.

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