Our personalized candle concept


Our personalized candle concept

How to start the story?

The best way to tell it is by talking about the passions of the two co-founders Hamdi and Élise. 

The love of conversation meets the candle addict. Two worlds that seem so far apart have managed to blend together to create Maison Shiiba and an innovative personalized candle concept.

No more classic candles, make way for originality.

Maison Shiiba integrates enough to loosen tongues and hearts within golden scented candles. A personalized brass plate on which you can engrave your most tender words, your sweetest memories. This plate then turns into keychain so that these words accompany you as long as possible. A personalized candle concept that makes the candle the perfect emotional gift.

Do you want to announce your pregnancy to your best friend? Make an original godfather / godmother request? Make an atypical witness request? Then our personalized message candle is the solution. 

A wax secret signed Maison Shiiba. Just wait an hour to get this plate and it becomes yours ad vitam aeternam. 

If you need a boost, motivation, a sign. Then you can opt for the option “Mantra”. The mantra is a positive saying that carries you through your daily life and makes it easier for you to smile at life.

This, like the personalized plate, will be revealed to you as the candle burns down. The principle is inspired by the fortune cookies of Chinese culture, this is the inspiration of the founders for this concept of personalized candle

Destiny takes care of sending you the message that suits you and that will speak to you, such as: "I choose happiness today" "Your light makes others shine" and many others but we leave you anyway surprises.

These two options, the mantra and the personalized message, carry the same power: that of helping conversation, reflection in order to flourish and be calmed.

Steps : 

Now that the origin of the concept of personalized candle no longer has any secrets for you, let me tell you more about the different steps to follow to obtain this little gem filled with emotions.

  1. Light your scented candle
  2. Wait an hour, and enjoy the natural and delicate fragrance that will coat your home 
  3. When the small pool is created by the wax, you can come and collect your personalized brass plate or your mantra using pliers. 
  4. Remove the protective film around the engraved plate 
  5. Add your golden keychain supplied with the candle and you're done

Attention, the customization doesn't stop there. We saw things big for you, because as we say so well “when we love we don’t count” 🙂 

The jar of our golden candle can also be completely personalized to reflect your image.

You can engrave there:

  • an astrological sign
  • A first name
  • A picture
  • Geographical data 
  • A song 

There are no longer any limits to your imagination and creativity. If images speak louder than words for you then treat yourself, we are here to make your wishes come true.

The ideal original gift for all occasions: wedding gift, bachelorette party (EVJF), birthday gift, baptism gift.

See you soon for a next article, 

Don't hesitate to leave a comment, we love to read you and know your feelings ✨

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