candles for winter


Candles to accompany the winter

The year is punctuated by the seasons that compose it, autumn, spring, summer, winter. These seasons pass and are not alike. Each has its own specificities, without necessarily talking about temperatures. There are candles for every season including candles for winter.

In autumn, the landscapes are decorated with orange trees, and the days are slowly starting to get shorter. As spring opens its doors to flora, and everyone's gardens are colored with the most beautiful flowers.

In summer, make way for the heat, the blue sky overlooks life and it's good to live there, the days never end and life is always more festive. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you about winter, and give you the secret of a more pleasant winter than the previous ones, even without the sun we will bring warmth to your home. 

The candle is a friendly decorative object. Its flame rocks your conversations and brings a subdued and warm light to the rooms of your house. But also and above all thanks to the perfume it gives off. The selection of perfume is therefore precious to create a message of welcome and well-being. Winter is a cold period, fatigue often reigns during this season and slack can be present repeatedly, to help you get through these few months here are our best candles for winter.

Wood of Oud

Our signature candle at Maison Shiiba. We have worked in its very essence to provide you with the purest smell of Oud Wood and offer you a trip to the city of Carthage in Tunisia. A fragrance that will totally disorient you during a complicated winter to live with. Simultaneously very intense and very soft, comforting and robust. Our Bois de Oud candle is perfect for facing winter, don't wait any longer. 

Palo Santo Rose

In the woody family, after oud wood, we call the Palo Santo. In our Ispahan candle we have mixed it with rose for a poignant, resinous, flowery result. Palo Santo is renowned for purifying energies, it invites positivity and removes stress and anxiety for a serene daily life. Isn't this the perfect recipe for winter? 

Nazar Bazaar

In search of escape to forget the freezing cold outside and the gray sky. We have the perfect candle for you. Our Nazar Bazaar candle, inspired by the souks of Byzantium. This candle creates a warm, spicy atmosphere. A very complex smell harmonized by the sweet smoke of incense. Try the experience, it is worth the detour.

Have you ever tested these candles at Maison Shiiba? If so, do not hesitate to leave us your opinion on google. 

See you soon 🙂 

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