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Candles for the summer

Many people tend to oppose candles and spring and summer. Let us reconcile you to this concept. Once you have tested the summer candles that we are going to offer you, you will not be able to do without them, regardless of the season. 

Indeed the fragrances will evolve over the seasons. The warmer and gourmet notes will be preferable in winter, in order not to weigh down the room. Indeed, summer seeks a fresh and light atmosphere to accompany our cocktails on the terrace or our readings on a deckchair. 

Let us introduce you to our candles with essential summer scents.

Mint Basil

Let's start with our all-summer bestseller. Notes of mint and basil, lemony touch and chilling freshness... If this candle was a cocktail, it would be a Mojito! An olfactory bath of lightness, it takes you straight to Cuba, to the festive and dancing streets of Havana. For a moment of pure freshness and well-deserved carelessness. A perfect trip to accompany a dinner with friends. Your aperitifs will never have been so appreciated. Around this candle, the more the merrier.

Orange Blossom 

How do you talk about summer candles without introducing yourself to our candle inspired by the French Riviera. This candle has the power to embalm your garden and sublimate your meals. With its delicate, floral notes that smell of the Mediterranean, the Azur candle awakens all your senses and brings them the benefits of the white flowers of fruit trees. The softness of this fragrance will be your protective veil from the outside heat. The flowery and fruity touch that will make your heart succumb.

  Cotton flower 

Let's continue this list of summer candles with our Cotton Flower candle. This candle is perfect for refreshing your rooms and giving them that “clean” smell. Turn it on after your big cleaning or when you come back from a day's work. It is also the perfect candle to light for a self-care moment: manicure, care, brushing, bath. Moments that we particularly appreciate.


Lavenders are the plants par excellence for a flowery and fragrant summer. The candle brings a fresh, pure, natural environment in which one feels good. Lavender often calls upon memories of our childhood, walks in the meadows or small packages that our mothers placed in the cupboards so that our clothes always smell fresh. What is your memory associated with lavender? 


Do we really need to convince you for the association of monoi and summer? Our monoi candle is without hesitation the candle that plunges you into summer. It is a solar, sweet and soft fragrance that will bring the beach and the sun back to your home. Create an exotic and captivating atmosphere for your guests who will enjoy this trip. 



Bouquet of flowers or candle? We have linked the two for your viewing pleasure. The delicate scent of a bouquet of jasmine perfumes your home as soon as you light your candle. Let the spring festival come to your home. In winter this candle will remind you of the sweet scent of summer and will almost make you nostalgic. 

Are you reconciled with the idea of lighting candles in the summer? What are your favorite scents this season? Do not hesitate to share your opinion on the different perfumes and your preferences.

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