Why Maison Shiiba?

"Many people ask us where the name Maison Shiiba comes from.

This is my grandmother's name, an extraordinary woman, a true pillar of the house. She fought for her place and was never satisfied with the status quo. A feminist before her time, she fought many battles with her words and determination, she was an inspiration and a light to me. »

- Hamdi, co-founder.

A concept that is out of the ordinary

Believing in the power of positive vibrations and the power of conversations, the founders of Maison Shiiba will pursue their 2 passions by implanting a personalized brass amulet within the candle. This amulet appears as the candle burns down. You can then use this amulet as a keychain.

In creating this concept, the founders decided to develop 2 options:
– The mantra:
This is a message to re-read daily in order to give yourself motivation, it will also remind you how beautiful life is.

– The personalized message:
Through this concept, Maison Shiiba offers you the opportunity to transcribe the essence of a memory or a sweet word to convey your emotion.


About the founders

Elise & Hamdi the founders of Maison Shiiba are an entrepreneurial couple. Coming from fashion & tourism marketing, they combine their skills to create this brand with a unique concept. Their professions influence their visions but also their strategies. The concept came from Elise who is a “candle addict” and Hamdi for the love of words. Strong human connections are at the heart of their development. The merger of the two gave birth to the Maison Shiiba Candles in 2019. Their goal is then to shake up the codes of the candle to get out of the ordinary.

The Co-founder

Passionate, charismatic. Hamdi is a lover of words and travel. A true citizen of the world, his numerous crossings have allowed him to develop a devouring passion for the scents and memories that this brings back.

"Very early on, I collected samples and spent hours feeling them, memorizing them, cataloguing them. The notes, chords, and compositions fed my curiosity. »

Hamdi is a romantic/perfectionist, for him scents are bridges to carry notes that awaken emotions, passions and memories.
He is fully aware that scents have the power to change a life, to transform an encounter, to make it unforgettable. That's why he composes them with special attention.


The Creation Process

‘‘ The creations of our candles often have the same pattern.
It always starts with a memory, mainly a place (travel, a little bit of childhood). From there, an olfactory family comes to mind influencing our first notes. Finally we work on the mosaic of notes to create a perfect fusion, that of Maison Shiiba ... Music has an important place in the creation’’
- Hamdi, co-founder

The goal is to create an atmosphere conducive to sensory travel, awaken your memories and share them around this flame. Don't forget, the sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses, in fact the memory oflactive has a real power of reminiscence. It is in this sense that Maison Shiiba wishes to transport you.


Made in France

We design the candles exclusively in France in our Cannes workshop. Moreover, we put at your disposal the unequalled know-how of our local craftsmen, in order to make you unique home-made candles.


Our home scented candle is made from 100% vegetable wax. It does not contain any chemical or toxic product. Indeed, we do not use essential oils for the manufacture of our candles. So enjoy long hours of fragrance in complete safety.

Zero Waste Goal

Maison Shiiba is committed to creating products that have a small ecological footprint.
Moreover, the brand reuses most of the packaging coming from suppliers, for packaging and protection during deliveries. This is a way, on our scale, to do up-cycling and thus to reduce single-use products.

" The Perfect Ones » is a collection built in this approach by reusing pots that have experienced some adventures during their journey.

The pots in our collections have been designed to be reused by our customers and can be reused endlessly: plant pot, pencil pot, brush pot, etc.

Let's consume better together!