Cotton Flower Candle


Sweet stroll

Handmade and decorated in our workshops, the harmoniously soft and tender personalized cotton flower candle will perfume your interior while creating a great and relaxing atmosphere. The result of true craftsmanship, the ingredients used to make this candle have been carefully selected to burn cleanly and scent beautifully.

All the softness of cotton revealed by a musky fragrance, a beautiful delicacy for a playful atmosphere.

If beauty had a perfume, this would be it…!

Infinitely soft, the cotton flower transports you to the warm and colorful alleys of Alamada… With its enveloping musky notes, you feel the warm air on your skin, with just the perfect little light breeze to comfort you… A scent full of tenderness that will soothe you in a few flames.

Top notes
Mandarin, Hawthorn

Middle notes
Cotton Flower, Musk

Base notes
Tonka bean, Heliotrope

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